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The 5 most important benefits of getting a good night’s sleep

The 5 most important benefits of getting a good night’s sleep

Your sleep habits could be impacting your life in more ways than you know. Good sleep is a cornerstone of good health - both physical and mental - and to prioritize your sleep is a key component of self-care. Not only does good sleep help you to live a happier and healthier life, it can also make you more successful and better able to deal with the ups and downs that life can throw at you. My channel and website are all about helping you to relax and many people find that the videos on my channel are the perfect thing to have playing in the background to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

In this article, we’re going to look at the top 5 benefits that good sleep will bring you, so get comfy and cozy, pop on a video in the background while you read and let’s learn together why your next beauty sleep will help with more than just that.

Number one: Boost your immune system
With the stresses of modern-day life and being unable to escape off into an otherworldly forest or magical lake, our physical health can take a hit, especially if we’re tired. The past few years have been a testament to how much rest and relaxation can benefit us, with many of us having been able to slow down a bit more and enjoy some of the more simple things in life. Sleep is one of those simple things, the sort that can easily get overlooked but can have a huge impact on your overall health. When you’re tired, your immune system isn’t able to fight off infection or disease as easily as if you were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, which can lead to feeling under the weather, developing colds and coughs or even more serious chronic conditions.

Getting a good amount of sleep, and this can vary depending on each person - some people need 5 hours, some people need 9 - will mean that your whole body is working in unison and is ready and raring to go to battle if and when something nasty wants to invade.

Number two: Increased productivity
Sitting in a caf'e, or in your home, with your laptop or something creative in your lap, spending time being productive in a cozy and safe environment is a beautiful thing to behold. But if you’re tired, you can often be tempted to forgo this lovely quiet time and instead binge-watch Netflix or scroll on TikTok for hours on end. When we’re tired, our attention span is much lower, and so trying to be creative or productive will be much more difficult and, often, the outcome of our efforts won’t be to the standard we’d want.

Making sure you get enough sleep, especially if you have something specific you need to be alert for the next day, will help you to perform to your best standard, as well as give you the energy you require to thoughtfully take part in your hobbies. In particular, if you’re a reader, being well-rested will mean you’re able to get in many more pages without falling asleep on the sofa, so you’ll be making your way through that TBR quicker than you can say Robin Hobb.

Number three: Better ability to manage emotions
I’m sure you’ve been there - feeling tired, agitated and grumpy, unable to stop yourself from snapping or lashing out at someone who doesn’t deserve it. This is what happens when we’re overly tired - we’re less able to regulate our own emotions, and also less able to recognize emotions in other people. My videos are amazing for helping with feelings of anxiety and if you are feeling tired they’re great to put on to help you drift off, but making sure you prioritize your sleep if you are going through an anxious period will help to alleviate the symptoms somewhat so that you can better keep in control and on top of what’s happening.

Adding sleeplessness to stress, anxiety or depression is a mixture that doesn’t have many good outcomes. If you’re feeling anxious or low, when you feel you need to sleep - sleep. It’s the best thing you can do to aid your recovery and ensure you don’t burn out. If you are tired, your body will actually produce more of the stress hormone cortisol, so even if you aren’t stressed, your body will still be putting itself into a heightened level of this experience without your control.

Number four: It can make you smarter!
Some offices around the world have sleep pods that their employees can use to replenish their energy throughout the day because they know that a refreshed and energized workforce is the key to great results. And this goes for you too! Studies do show that taking a quick power nap in the day will make your brain more switched on and productive, which can therefore lead to an overall increase in information being taken in and remembered.

While it might not always be possible to have a nap if you have to go into the office, if you are remote working or you’re able to take a quick 5-minute shut-eye then it’s recommended to do so to reinvigorate yourself for the rest of the day.

Number five: Improved memory
Leading on from number four, improved memory is another great benefit of getting enough sleep. When you’re tired, your information retention levels are much lower. It’s likely you won’t be taking the information in properly in the first place, but once it’s there you’re also much less likely to hold on to it, because your mind and body are expending more energy on trying to keep you up and moving. So, if you find yourself forgetting a lot or unable to concentrate, then make sure to check in on your sleep and see whether it’s working for you.

The amount of sleep you get is hugely important, but so is the quality of the sleep you get. If you’ve been ‘asleep’ for 8 hours but have been tossing and turning all night, then it’s not likely that you’ll feel as rested as you could. Uninterrupted sleep is the key to making these improvements and what is called ‘deep sleep’ is when the true benefits take place. Deep sleep is when your brain processes events from the day and detoxifies, as well as re-energizes the immune system and helps your body to recover physically. If you find that you’re waking up and still feeling tired, it’s possible you’ve not had enough deep sleep and have instead been drifting in and out of light sleep.

A good evening routine is a great way to help you sleep better as it will help to gently signal to your body and mind that the day is coming to a close and it’s time to wind down. Having a really comfortable, cozy and safe space to sleep in will benefit you hugely in getting good sleep and I have an article on how you can do this available here

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