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How to create a cozy and inspirational space in your home

How to create a cozy and inspirational space in your home

We love creating cozy and warm spaces and helping you to do the same in your home, and it really can be easier than you think. Not only do I have loads of incredible products available on my website to help ‘cozify’ your space, I also have amazing ambience videos on my YouTube channel which help to add an extra level of calm and relaxation to any space.

I know this can be something people struggle with though, so in this article I’m going to take you through the ways I recommend to create a cozy, inspirational and warm space in your home, as well as the benefits of this for you.

What are the benefits of a cozy space?
We all deserve to feel safe and warm, and creating this sort of space in your home is an incredible way to signal to your mind that you can relax. As we’re going about our busy day-to-day lives we are bombarded with information and outside influences, and so to have a dedicated space in your home that triggers an immediate sense of calm and peace is truly priceless in helping you manage your stress and overall well-being.

Cozy hygge Bedroom

When we’re in the womb, we’re in the ultimate warm, cozy space and, although not consciously, we never forget what this feeling is - to be so safe, secure and comfortable, knowing that nothing bad is going to happen and being without a care in the world. In some ways, we all strive to recreate this in our lives and this is why we all feel so at home in spaces that are cozy and inviting.

As such, when we are in a space like this - one that feels safe, comfortable and cozy, our minds, the primal things that they are, are much less likely to be scanning for threats in the external environment. When we’re in a busy street or bustling room our minds are always switched on - they are activating the fight or flight mode without us realizing because this is what they feel they have to do in order to survive; they have to be ready for any immediate danger that could present itself. This is why having a cozy space is so beneficial because your mind can fully relax.

The ambience videos I create and the products I sell in my Cozy Corner are all here to help you create this same sense of comfort and safety so that you can allow your mind and body the space to relax and recuperate after a busy day.

In spaces like this, we are also more inclined to lean into feelings of gratitude and mindfulness, whereas in a busy environment we are more focused on getting on with the task at hand or getting from point A to point B. By allowing ourselves this space to be more mindful, we then allow more creativity and ideas to be born - we can let our imagination run wild as we once did as children, coming up with inventions and stories and games, the sort that we so often don’t have, or don’t make, the time for as adults. Just think of it like this - remember as a child when you would make a fort using chairs and bedspreads and pillows? The excitement of climbing into your fort and feeling an overwhelming sense of calm and peace when you were in there (unless you had siblings who perhaps decided to invade!) - this is what you’re aiming for when you create your cozy, safe space as an adult. That space for your mind to run wild, to be the princess in the tower or the knight riding on horseback to his humble castle - this is what an inspirational, warm and safe space can bring you.

How to create a cozy space?
Creating a cozy corner or a cozy space doesn’t have to be hard and I love to help people do this, whether through my videos or the products I sell. It’s all about creating the right ambience and vibes - it’s all about creating that hygge effect! (Read more about hygge here).

Mood lighting is certainly one of the best places to start when looking to create a cozy space, as having harsh, bright lights will really take away from the effect. Lighting that creates a warm glow, or lights that project onto the wall can really help to create that cozy-cocoon effect and I particularly love the Galaxy Starry Sky Projector for transporting you into your very own solar system of creativity. Whatever lighting you choose, though, just make sure it’s not too bright - you’re after that sense of warmth and tranquility to really add an extra level of warmth to your space.

As well as this, the scents in your space can really help to transform it into a cozy and warm space. Smells of frankincense, vanilla, sandalwood and lavender are incredible for creating the atmosphere you want, and some of these can also help with drifting off to sleep if this is something you struggle with. When you’re able to match the scents with your mood lighting - imagine walking into a room with inviting warm fairy lights and the scent of a vanilla essence or candle - you’ll be instantly made to feel comfortable and cozy and safe.

Of course, in a cozy space, you also need cozy cushions and blankets so you can snuggle up and watch one of my ambience videos whilst reading a book - bliss! Pick textures that are super soft to the touch like velvet or fleece, and make sure you have an abundance of cozy cushions so you can lounge about in comfort. I absolutely love having cushions of different sizes in my cozy spaces and love to inject some fun with something like my Giant Soft Unicorn Pillow, who comes in different sizes so you can pick and choose to suit your space. Just make sure that it’s as comfortable as possible as you don’t want to have to fidget and move all the time whilst you’re trying to relax or get creative.

Finally, the music or sounds you have playing in your cozy space will help to transform it as well - think mellow, nurturing and low volume to help create that sense of peace and calm. I have a huge selection of different ambient sounds on my YouTube channel with sounds from pouring rain, to purring cats and enchanted forest sounds - all of which are incredibly relaxing and great to add an extra level of ‘coziness’ to your cozy space.

RainRider's Cozy Corner

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