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about me

Hi, I’m so glad to have you here 😊

Welcome to my cozy corner, one where we can come together to relax, get cozy and lean into a slower pace of life, even if only for a few moments.

I, like many of you and like so many across the world, am multi-faceted; creative, introverted, loving, eager to learn and keen to share. I have a vision to help you create a beautiful life. One that is full of small, slow moments of beauty, a life that allows you to take an active part in creating self-love and blossom into yourself fully by allowing the time and space to open up.

I’m a firm believer in what is becoming my motto: 'Calm Environment - Calm Mind - Calm Body - Calm Life', and this is what this space is all about. A space to become a better version of you, by cultivating an inner calm, to allow for outer calm to blossom.

In my journey so far, I’ve also learned about the direct correlation between mental health and physical health. Our minds and our bodies are one magnificent machine and are deeply connected to one another in more ways than we seem to realize. I am still learning every day how small mindset changes and a calming environment can deeply improve our quality of life.

My vision for what I offer you here is not only to help you with creating a calm and cozy environment that helps to shape the atmosphere you live in, one that reflects the ambience I aim to create in my videos for you, but also to share some interesting articles about all the topics that we have a common interest in this community - coziness, mental health and wellness, creating a beautiful home that prioritizes you and your needs, as well as providing you with my personal thoughts to bring you along on the journey too.

I hope my cozy corner will be able to add some real value into your life. The products you’ll find here are all handpicked because I either use them myself or wish to.. Since I am such a big believer in the importance of creating a calm environment in your own living space - This is my gift to you, from my heart to yours. Your presence here with me is a gift in itself and Im honored you decided to take part in this learning process with me.