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Creative Galaxy Guardian Pet

$49.90 USD $59.90 USD

Cute bears, kittens, and puppies - all wearing spacesuits and becoming interesting astronauts. The lights in the hands of different animal astronauts emit different colors. It will make you or your children fall in love with it at a glance, will stimulate your imagination and improve your kid's thinking skills.

details :

Material: Resin
Packing: carton packaging
Power supply mode: button battery | USB Charging
Size: 8.5*12cm



It emits beautiful light at night, very soft, not dazzling, can be placed in the bedroom or living room, as adding decorations and night lights are a great way to create a warm feeling and atmosphere in every room and illuminate your heart.

Overall use of resin material, very environmentally friendly and strong, it wont get easily damaged if dropped on the ground at times, its size is 13x10x8 (CM), weight: 435g, very light, you can put it anywhere you want.

You just need to pull out the transparent plug at the bottom of this animal night light, and then flip the switch! children can also quickly operate it by themselves.