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Tcare Wooden Body Massage Tool

$37.90 USD $47.90 USD
  • The wood therapy massage cup is used to suction fat from areas of your body, helping to perform lymphatic drainage, tone and reduce cellulite, boost circulation and eliminate wastes from your body. It’s beneficial to your health and well-being.
  • These tools are made with High Quality wood with a excellent craftsmanship to give you the best results and relieve your pains.
  • Mushroom Gua Sha Tool : This is the tool used to relieve tensed muscles and fatigue. It is handy and can be used after exercising , watching TV and also operating mobile phones.
  • Gua Sha Face Roller : Get the extra skin on your face toned up, helps to circulate blood in the face veins improving the skin quality. Use it in the morning to get that glow or use it with your moisturizers and face oils.
  • Black Bag pack : This combo comes with a stylish black backpack to carry all your accessories. Can be used by any age group to carry their things.

Material: Beach Wood