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Couple Sleeping Pillow Slow Rebound

$69.90 USD $89.90 USD


Are you unable to sleep without hugging your loved one? Then this couple pillow is perfect for you! The pillow is made of Memory foam inner core material, which can provide good support for the head and neck, while being able to change position and pull your arm out without waking your partner. perfect for couples who want their sleeping experience enhanced.

  • Soft removable and washable.
  • Makes for comfortable sleep environment.
  • Support for both neck's and comfortable for arm.


  • Materials: Memory foam inner core, 100% polyester cover
  • Weight: About 1500 grams +/-10%
  • Size: About 65 x 49/31 x 11/12 cm
  • Using: Sleeping pillow
  • Packaging: Polybag