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A cozy home

is like a warm hug, it makes everything better

Relax In Dreamy Alternate Realities

RainRider Ambience Channel.


"..I’m a firm believer in what is becoming my motto: 'Calm Environment - Calm Mind - Calm Body - Calm Life', and this is what this space is all about. A space to become a better version of you, by cultivating an inner calm, to allow for outer calm to blossom. In my journey so far, I’ve also learned about...

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is



What is hygge and how to create it in your life?

We’re all about cozy vibes over here and nothing sums up this cozy, content, warm feeling better than the Danish word ‘hygge’. Defined as that ‘quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that...

Why you should prioritize self-care and relaxation and the key benefits

In today’s world of hustle culture and burnout, self-care and relaxation are two of the commodities that every person should be prioritizing in order to be living their best life- successful, happy and...

How to create a cozy and inspirational space in your home

I love creating cozy and warm spaces and helping you to do the same in your home, and it really can be easier than you think. Not only do I have loads of incredible products available on...


The Power of Positive Thinking

We hear it all the time - ‘be happy!’, ‘smile!’, ‘think positive!’, but what does positive thinking really mean, and is it as healthy as people think for us? What if forced positive thinking could actually...

How to create an emotional escape room and why you should have one

We’ve all heard of escape rooms that challenge or scare you, but did you know there’s a new trend happening in the wellness space called...

The Wellbeing Revolution

There has been a shift taking place in the world, quietly changing how people go about their lives, a subtle desire to be more at peace, more relaxed, in ease and flow. Wellbeing, mental health and...