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Soft Paw Seat Pillow

$44.90 USD $59.90 USD

Cant get enough of your fluffy 4 legged friend? Our Soft Paw Seat Pillow provides super-soft support for seated comfort. It features a cozy, velvety surface and is perfect as a decorative accent on your couch, favorite chair, or any seating area. These pillows will keep your bum comfortable while you sit. Soft Paw is a memory foam pillow with a machine washable cover that provides comfort, warmth, and support to those suffering through long car rides. The soft seat cushion provides the utmost comfort and enhances your posture while sitting. It is perfect for an office chair, car seat, your computer desk, kitchen, couch, or any type of chair and makes a great gift as well.


  • A cozy cover.
  • Sophisticated look.
  • A perfect accessory for your seat.