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The Wellbeing Revolution

There has been a shift taking place in the world, quietly changing how people go about their lives, a subtle desire to be more at peace, more relaxed, in ease and flow. Wellbeing, mental health and recognition that, as humans, we have desires and needs that go much deeper than the surface, and actually, that we require intentional time, space and energy to give to looking after ourselves emotionally and spiritually.

It’s no longer a choice, it’s a necessity and the revolution is only growing stronger. Wellness and mental health go hand-in-hand, but so does mental health and physical health. As much as we have been led to believe that one does not affect the other, in reality, if your mental health is not as good as it could be, you will quite quickly find that your physical health will deteriorate. This can be through intentional physical neglect or harm, as well as unintentional side effects due to the brain and body not functioning as it should.

So, wellness is incredibly important to be able to live in a way that makes you feel good and this is why we now see coaches and mentors who help specifically with your wellness because life isn’t just about getting by, it’s about thriving and feeling good. But, what actually is wellness? And how can you start living a life of wellness today? In this article, we’ll be discussing why wellness should play an important part in your life and how you can become a pioneer of the wellness revolution.

What is ‘wellness’?

Wellness is all about those small, daily habits that help you to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Rather than wellness being a once-a-year spa trip or retreat, it’s something that can, and should, be incorporated into daily life. The experience we’ve all had over the last few years has shown us how important an awareness of our mental health is, and this has added fuel to the fire of the wellness revolution.

The work-life balance, in particular, is a crucial part of cultivating a wellness lifestyle. Pre-pandemic it’s safe to say that many people were working too much and not appreciating what life really is about - love, family, friends, caring for yourself and making the most of the small, daily experiences that help bring rich color to your life. Lockdown across the world has helped many people redefine what they want their lives to be and it’s part of my mission here to help you explore this desire for slowing down and resting, so that you can continue to take this mindset through to the rest of your life.

There are different areas of wellness for everyone, with social wellness, spiritual wellness, occupational wellness, emotional wellness and physical wellness all combining to create one wellness lifestyle. It is possible to be living well in one or two areas, but not in others. For example, you may be extremely physically well, taking care of your body and exercising regularly, but you might be forfeiting your mental wellness by not taking enough breaks or rest. Equally, you might spend so much time on your occupational wellness, i.e. working, and not enough on your physical wellness.

As with so many things in life, it is all about balance. So, I invite you to think about which areas of your life you feel you might be exceeding, and which you might be letting go of?

How to live a wellness lifestyle

The idea of wellness can differ depending on individual needs, but in general, living a wellness lifestyle includes many of the following aspects:

Eating a balanced diet

As far as physical wellness goes, eating healthily and in balance is one of the very best things you can do. I love to promote a message of balance, as well as doing things that make you happy, so I say that curling up with a hot chocolate or a treat every now and then in your cozy space is something you should, if you want to, make time for. But it’s all-important to make sure to nourish your body, too, to promote physical health and a feeling of vitality. Eat a varied diet that includes lots of fresh foods, but make sure to treat yourself and honor the needs of your body.

Moving your body

The key to this part of wellness is to make sure to find something that you love to do. Whether it’s walking, running, swimming, weight-lifting, dancing, yoga, or horse riding…the list goes on. There are so many forms of ‘exercise’ that you might not even have to quantify as such, that you will be able to find one that lights you up eventually. Making the intentional effort to move your body each and every day, even if only for a few minutes, will make you feel better in body and mind. There have been many studies done that show how physical exercise can have a positive effect on mental health, so if you’re having an anxious day or going through a period of depression, whilst exercise will likely be the last thing on your mind, just a few gentle stretches or a walk around the block will help massively.

Sleeping well

I’ve spoken about how important sleep is in one of my previous posts here, and it is truly one of the unsung heroes of overall wellness. When we don’t get enough sleep our whole body and mind are unable to function as they should. Being tired can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as leading to stress and physical ailments. Wellness is prioritizing what is important to your overall health and happiness, but too often sleep is viewed as an afterthought. Change this way of thinking and start prioritizing your sleep - you’ll see huge shifts in the way you feel, as well as your motivation and energy levels.

Taking time for relaxation

You know I love to help promote relaxing spaces and ambient atmospheres to help you chill out. I truly believe that having a calming environment promotes a calm mind, which leads to a calm life. Relaxation time should be scheduled in, just as you would schedule a meeting or a social date with friends. It’s not something that should be forfeited if something else comes up. Wellness is all about setting boundaries and sticking to them so make sure to honor your own needs and take the time you need, as often as you need, to relax and recharge your batteries.

Clearing space for mental wellness

Along with taking time for relaxation, taking the time and creating the space in your life for mindfulness can be difficult. Many people, even today in the midst of the wellness revolution, don’t believe in the power of the mind or the effect that inner work can have. I know that you, as part of my community, know how powerful this can be though. Taking the time to meditate, journal or do some mindful activities is such a powerful way to aid in your wellness journey.

Listening to your intuition

You know when you’re getting tired or burnt-out, and if you're not sure then it’s time to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life and start connecting with yourself deeply again. We all have different needs and wants, so what helps one person feel good might not necessarily make another feel the same. Trust that you know what’s best for you and follow the guidance being given to you. If you crave a piece of cake, or a nap, or a long walk in the rain, then do it. Trust that you are always doing the things that will get you to the best version of yourself and honor your inner voice enough to listen to it.

Another amazing idea to live a wellness lifestyle is, if you can, start paying a bit more attention to what goes into your food, and if possible even give a go at growing your own. This is all about the ‘slow living’ lifestyle - patiently waiting for the ground to grow your food so that you know where it has come from and so it can be enjoyed more fully, knowing you’ve grown it. It’s these small changes that build up to a wellness lifestyle, one in which you appreciate the small things, you nourish your mind, body and soul and you feel good about yourself as much as possible.

I’m an advocate for this way of living and hope that this article has helped you to begin thinking more about the way you’re living your life and whether you can start to place more emphasis on creating a life that promotes wellness for you. I’d love to hear how you get on so let me know by sending me a message or leaving a comment below.

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